Intra-port forwarding
In-port forwarding agent will issue necessary documents timely and accurately, repares and agrees with port, stevedore and state authorities all stages and procedures, required for further forwarding of the container, thus reducing billable time of the cargo staying in a port and saving your time and efforts. The freight escorting operation consists of the following services:


Complete cargo insurance: liability of the carrier is securely insured by our partners — leaders of the insurance market.


Provision of services to export a container as well as all necessary preparations for escorting of an imported container.


Performing of all in-port loading and unloading activities timely and safely.


Provision of a guarded container terminal with railway entry lines to store containers with cargo.


Acceptance, distribution, and shipment without entering the long-term storage zone.


Provision of services of customs processing for cargo.

Freight escorting with AMD Transport is a fast and safe procedure. For the years of our work we have learned to perform all kinds of forwarding operations with any cargoes, saving your expenses significantly. Every hour of the cargo being in port must be paid for and the more experience a forwarding agent is the faster he performs all operations and the less the freight owner has to pay.

We cooperate with all state regulators, port services and stevedore companies. Aware of paperwork peculiarities, we do not waste extra time and take over collection of documents in the line, issuance of export loading instructions, collection of feeder documents and forwarding them to the client and provide certification services and laboratory studies if necessary.

Внутрипортовое экспедирование

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