Customs processing
Customs declaration is performed according to the established form and in case of procedural misconduct results in administrative and criminal enforcement. AMD Transport offers a service of customs declaration assistance involving a customs broker who will help to complete all stages of customs clearance and save the time considerably, always respecting the client’s interests.
Preparation of documents to declare all kinds of cargo (change of information in submitted documents)
Calculation (draft and complete) and payment of customs duties, fees and indirect taxes for the customs applicant
Submission of goods and documents to customs authorities on behalf of the customs broker
Customs clearance of the goods with receipt of all required documentation
Issuance of import, export and statistic customs entries for all kinds of customs formalities
Upholding of the client’s interests at customs authorities
Inspection of shipping documentation
Analysis of the contract and consultation on regulatory documents
You can learn the price of any customs operation free of charge before issuing a transportation order. Each shipment is unique and its cost cannot be calculated automatically therefore our specialists will perform any calculations on individual basis. The total price of customs clearance consists of a customs duty, fees, VAT, and excise duties. The results of price calculation will be known within 24 hours from the application date.

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