Cargo insurance
Having extensive experience in the area of international transportation, we cannot leave any risk factor unattended. To each client, we offer favourable conditions and several optimal rates according to ICC insurance models. Therefore you have an opportunity to mitigate those risks, which you believe to be most dangerous.
  • ICC (A)
    Maximal insurance against all risks. Possible damage during transportation, loading and unloading of the goods, and warehousing is considered. If the freight owner sees additional risks, he may enter them in the insurance policy.
  • ICC (В)
    Insurance against the risks, listed in the agreement. The model of selective coverage may include the risks of natural and other disasters, loss of the truck vehicle, and other reservations stipulated by the Institute of Underwriters.
  • ICC (С)
    Basic model with minimal protection against risks. The list contains damage or loss of freight due to crushes, accidents, collisions, grounding, and other similar situations.

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