Cargo certification
Some goods require receipt of several certificates at once to cross the border. We will take over preparation of all legal opinions, licenses, and other documents, which are essential for obtaining of a certificate. Our experience in this area and knowledge of documentation procedures will free you from bureaucratic complications and timely receive all necessary documents. Specialists from our company are always ready to give you advice and provide you with information about necessary certificates for your particular cargo.


An essential document for fire safety devices, substances and materials, electrical and technical devices, electrical instruments, heat producing machinery, building constructions and devices.


A document to confirm the country of origin, issued by the authoritative body in the exporter’s country.


This document is necessary for transportation of animals; it certifies that the animals (animals, birds, and fishes) do not suffer from dangerous infectious diseases.


This document certifies that the products of plant or animal origin to cross the border will not harm citizens of the country (do not contain dangerous viruses or bacteria).


This document certifies compliance of the goods with state standards (GOSTs) as well as meeting technical requirements.
AMD Transport offers a service of assistance to obtain all the necessary certificates, both obligatory and unprescribed. A number of goods and equipment are necessary to be certified: legislation in different countries sets special requirements to this procedure. In fact, voluntary certification is a marketing instrument to confirm high quality of a product officially based on an opinion from any system of voluntary certification; in this context, the most sought after in the Russian Federation territory is a voluntary certificate issued in GOST R system.

Сертификация грузов

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